Written by Tinatin Bujiashvili

Every village of Tusheti is a historical monument itself dating back to the late middle ages. In Piriqiti gorge you can see one of the most beautiful villages Kvavlo. The road to Kvavlo goes through the village Dartlo. As other villages of Tusheti, Kvavlo is abandoned in winter times.

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When you go to Kvavlo you should know which path to lead, as there is a path where women aren’t allowed.

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The place is notable for its fabulous landscapes and beautiful alpine meadows. You will meet ruins of fortress-houses and towers. Traditional type is common in historical settlements. It is a 2-6-floor construction with a tower that reminds of fortress but is used not only for defense and protection but for living as well. This was a common habitat for extended families. Extended families survived due to the necessity of collective work and defense. It was very clever of Tushs to roof the houses with cobblestones, as in winter snow didn’t stay long on the roof.

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Kvavlo has the single tall tower on the hill 350m from Dartlo. The tower is five-storied and is build with slate. Today it is being reconstructed.

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The people living in Kvavlo are very hospitable. Several guest houses have been opened for Georgian and foreign tourists.

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