By Tika Bujiashvili

Abelia (or today Abeliani) is 5 km away from Tetritskaro municipality, Kvemo Kartli, on the right side of the river Khrami. In the village, at the cemetery, there is a hall church built with Algetian hewn. On the south façade, there is an inscription, which says that the church was built in 1250-1259. Manglel archbishop Arsen Mshvildadze, the author of the inscription, writes how difficult it was to build a church under Mongols domination. He mentions two kings-David Ulu and David Narin, also Tamar-Khatun, a daughter of the queen Rusudan and Giorgi-a son of David Ulu. The inscription was studied by Ekvtime Takaishvili.DSC_0011_resizeDSC_0017_resizeDSC_0018_resize