By Tika Bujiashvili

Wine tourism in Georgia 5 or 10 years ago was really in its infancy, though today Georgian wine tastes better with a really good story behind it and with time increased offerings are seen.

On the way to Kakheti, near Telavi there is a new destination for wine lovers and not only for them. Special experiences are so easy to find with a large room for creativity and enough infrastructure to make everyone happier.DSC_7796This is the winery Mosmieri, situated in the vineyards in the village of Kisiskhevi. It has a large restaurant which can hold more than 200 persons at one time. A nice courtyard with a fountain, a large lounge terrace, where from you can have a spectacular 360° panorama of Caucasus Mountain and Alazani Valley make a warm atmosphere for travelers especially when there soon will be a hotel with a swimming pool.DSC_7631And what more… A watching tower, having a traditional style with modern elements, a wine store with wine tasting area and a spacious storage rooms in the basement. The winery produces 5 kinds of 200 000 bottles of wine yearly and they aren’t going to increase the number, as they are focused on quality.DSC_7786And finally, the word Mosmieri has an interesting etymology.  Mosmieri stands for a person who drinks and appreciates wine.

And what if you don’t have a chance to visit the winery and taste their wines? There always is solution. Mosmieri wines are on sale in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK and soon will be available in the USA too.DSC_7875So, taste and judge the quality yourself and when a question why Georgia your travel destination, answer- it is Mosmieri’s taste!DSC_7898