No matter what your age is, almost everybody loves celebrating their birthday. The ways of celebration might be different but that ultimate feeling remains the same for all. Your birth was your beginning. After that, year after year you collect pearls on a thread, which you call Years later. Everybody wishes their life shining like these pearls.

In order the day be unforgettable, first step is environment. I don’t know why Perla chose La Boheme to celebrate her beloved husband’s birthday, but I can admit it was the best solution!2Guests started gathering in a warm and cozy environment, where the stuff was friendly, attentive, caring and extremely helpful.…  After singing ‘Happy Birthday song’, from the table behind ours, tourists from Switzerland who were enjoying their glass of wine, started singing wishing James Happy Birthday. And the real celebrations started after that…35For James, it was a great day to look back and get amazed how his life changed over the past years since he met his beloved Perla. It was a great day to relax, think, and start with full force again to achieve the goals what he really wanted.4So, celebrate your birthday each year. It is always good to be acknowledged that you exist in the earth. Receive it in good faith when others are willing to help you celebrate your birthday with you. And the most important thing-choose the place like La Boheme to hang one more shining pearl on your bead…

Author: Tika Bujiashvili