WinExpo’18 ended. What did Georgia gain by hosting wine exhibition in Tbilisi? Georgia is becoming one of the worldwide known destinations for tourism where wine industry is a major sector. The platform tried to build a stage where all new or old wine companies or family wineries can make their voices heard. It promises to bring wine experts or buyers and boosted the Georgian wine abroad.

WinExpo’18 presented Eristavi Winery’s wines which were considered to be one of the best at the exhibition. They first participated in WinExpo’12. This year they introduced themselves as Taste of California.2‘The Eristavi Winery is an ultra-premium, urban winery located in San Francisco. Wines are produces exclusively by the only Georgian winemaking family in the United States. The diverse list of California frown varietals include award winning Syrah, Zinfandel, Verdelho, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, SauvignonBlanc and Pinot Noir. Master Vintner Victor Eristavi passionately instills a unique combination of old-world winemaking techniques and modern technology to create his handcrafted wines capturing the essence of distinct California grape varietals.’1At the exhibition you had an opportunity to meet Victor,George and Dato Eristavis, knowledgeable representatives, who educated, enlightened and enriched your understanding of the quality of their products.

The Eristavis hope to have their own vineyards in Aragvi Gorge to produce Georgian wine.

Eristavi Family Winery was awarded with Gold medal at WinExpo’18.

So, use the platform of WinExpo as there are three days, where the public, media and trade will be able to swirl, sniff, taste and discuss wine!

Tika Bujiashvili