Poultry farming is one of the oldest and most traditional agricultural sectors in Georgia. Almost all families in Georgian villages raise birds.

In the city some people buy frozen chickens. They might not know about the special place in Dighomi, Tbilisi where live birds-chickens, ducks, quails and even rabbits and piglets are sold.13The Bazaar was opened about 8 years ago and is the only poultry Bazaar in Tbilisi which serves everyone including restaurants and cafes.24You will meet the chickens from Dusheti, Zestafoni, Ozurgeti.  Sellers have to travel trough Georgia to bring them to the Bazaar.

Birds are sold live here or in the form of meat, for which birds are killed, cleaned and brought to you in a special slaughterhouse existing there.

Nearby the poultry Bazaar there is a special vegetable and fruit market too.

And more, today tourism is linked to the Bazaar. Many tourists already know about Navtlughi or Desertirebi Bazaar and Dighomi poultry bazaar can create another ‘surroundie’ that can be shared with other tourists and not only.

                                                                                               Tika Bujiashvili