In Tbilisi, on Chonkadze st. you may have already noticed a beautiful house known as ‘a house of consul of Persia’. Mirza-Reza-Khan, an ambassador of Iran in Tbilisi, lived there. The famous Sanatorium in Borjomi, which has everyone seen or heard about, was his summer residence.firuzaThe unique historic building was built in 1892 for Mirza-Reza-Khan at the entrance of the ‘Mineral Water Park’ in a small resort town in Borjomi. The architecture of the building is quite different from Georgian style, but combines characteristics of mixture of Persian, Georgian and European. An open balcony with sparkling small mirror fragments covering walls and the ceiling gave the building extra sparkle. The signboard on the house says: Mirza-Reza-Khan.

For decades Firuza was a sanatorium though it stopped functioning since 1989. On the rehabilitation of the building in 2011-2012 Georgian and Iranian specialists worked together, as the building is a monument of Persian culture. Due to its unique architecture and paintings, similar buildings are three in the world and Firuza is among them.

Today the building has been transformed into a new hotel-Four-Star Golden Tulip Borjomi Hotel. Notable to say that the building was reconstructed in a way so it kept its historic appearance and cultural value.

Tika Bujiashvili