On September 22 the Museum of Mose Toidze hosted the exhibition ‘Dong Ho folk wood cut painting Cultural soul of Vietnam’. The event was organized by Trang Hoang which was dedicated to build bridges between Georgian and Vietnamese cultures, to introduce Vietnamese Art and culture to the Georgian society. In the frames of exhibition Trang told the audience the whole story of craftsmen in Dong Ho village, that they often produce their own raw materials for making điệp paper and natural colors for painting. 4The colors of paint using in printing are refined from various kinds of natural materials which are easily found in Vietnam. For instance, the red color is taken from red gravel in Thiên Thai Mountain, while the black comes from charcoal of burned bamboo leaves. In that way, a Đông Hồ painting can keep its colors for a long time. 6Mr. Davit Amirejibi introduced the art of Mose Toidze and told the guest how cultural relationship between Georgia and Vietnam started by his grandfather Mr. Vladimer Machavariani even in mid 20 century  and that was the main reason the museum hosted Vietnamese culture here.

After introduction Trang Hoang, the organizer of the exhibition, with other painters gave masterclasses in paintings.5The next day workshop was held specially for kids. Kids made the paints from natural products, like eggshells, beetroots and parsley and enjoyed painting themselves. The event was cultural where not only Children but their parents received a lot of positive emotions.

By Tika Bujiashvili