People are wrong when they think it’s impossible to stop time. Photography allows one to capture a second and give it a permanent place in one’s life.  Today in the digital era everyone can take pictures. But not everyone has the eye. It’s true that every kid can take pictures that you could use or publish, and there are a lot more being documented. And what if, if one day you will find out you can’t live without photography and leave your job to wander for some good shots? This is Giorgi Dzidzikashvili, an amateur photographer, whose photos every day amaze people.9

For Giorgi Dzidzikashvi, who has already given photo exhibition twice, photography means more than life. In his photos he wants to show emotions of people, happiness and positive attitudes to life. Also, tell people about the beauty of the world. While photo session or taking candid photos he enjoys communication with the object and captures the moment where the emotions are strong. In his opinion, the best way to build the story is to establish relationships between his main subject and the other elements inside the frame.7So, everybody can enjoy watching Giorgi’s photos or  even try to be the part of his photo session to know what tricks he uses to get such powerful photos!


Tika Bujiashvili