‘La Cumparsita is a tango whose melody was created and written between the end of 1915 and the beginning of 1916 by the Uruguayan musician Gerardo Matos Rodríguez. Shortly after, and at the request of Matos Rodríguez, he received musical arrangements from Roberto Firpo who later played it with his orchestra for the first time in public. Its most popular lyrics belong to the Argentinean Pascual Contursi. It is considered the most widespread tango in the world,’ Wikipedia says.FB_IMG_1496380808680Every Wednesday at 20.30 School of Argentine Tango Tbilisi offers charming surroundings of different styles and sizes to be carried away by the rhythm of La Cumparsita at Milonga Tango Evenings at Movement Theatre. The so-called Milongas are places designed for the meeting of amateurs or tango dancers, who share their passion and enjoy tango on the dance floor.

Mariana Fernandez, from Argentina, and her Georgian husband David formed Argentine Tango Classes due to growing interest to Argentine tango as the ultimate dance of romance and connection in Tbilisi. Milonga is the social event where Tango is danced. People who come to the Milonga are called milongueros. . In Las noches de Tango you can also take classes with David and Mariana. This milonga counts with the visit of milongueros from all over the world and is characterized by being a tango party in Tbilisi where they also celebrate Birthdays, Flag Day etc!

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