Guillermina Quiroga &Mariano Logiudice were hosted in Tbilisi by Mariana Fernandez, a teacher at School of Argentine Tango Tbilisi on July 19, 2018. (Where Is Milonga La Cumparsita In Tbilisi?) They gave a wonderful performance for tango lovers at Movement Theatre. The one who didn’t dance had a chance to watch the dance of the lady, who has influenced the role of the woman in the tango in a way that very few women have done.3Guillermina Quiroga is considered one of the best female tango dancers in the world. She also has developed her own method in Tango Technique and focus on teaching around the world, and has been Judge many times at Preliminars and Finals of the official World Tango competition in Bs As, Argentina. Mariano Logiudice, who started to study Karate at the age of 7, and was doing it for many years, later discovered Tango and started to study very intensively this new passion. Together with Guillermina they start a new discipline, the union of tango dance and psychology, as therapy for people with physical and emotional needs.

‘It was an immense gift for the tango community of Tbilisi, its Presence and its Tango exhibition’, said David Giorgadze, a manager of School of Argentine Tango Tbilisi and Mariana Fernandez’ husband.

During the night guests could taste Georgian wine from Wine Gallery-The Best Place To Wine In Tbilisi.

ByTika Bujiashvili